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Events 5 Dec 2022
Age of Information from multiple strategic sources analyzed via game theory, Prof. Leonardo Badia

Age of Information (AoI) is defined as the time elapsed since the last correct reception of information from a source. It is a performance metric …

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Events, Research 6 Oct 2022
10th European Workshop on Visual Information Processing (EUVIP)

Alcuni Dottorandi e Professori del laboratorio COMLAB hanno partecipato alla decima edizione del l’European Workshop on Visual Information Processing (EUVIP 2022) in cui sono stati …

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Events 5 Oct 2022
European Researcher’s Night 2022

Friday 30 September, 2022 was the European Researcher’s Night at Roma Tre University! Since 2005 this event has been bringing research and researchers closer to …

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Events 15 Jul 2022
Visualizing San Saba Summerschool

This Summer School exploits a bottom-up strategy to teach how to employ new technologies such as laser scanners, 360 cameras, termocameras, GNSS and specific software …

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Events 25 May 2022
Ethical hacking seminar

Ethical hacking can be defined as the security practice in which a security expert attempts to break into a system, simulating the actions of a …

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