Head Movement Dataset

In this page you can find the links to download the Head Movement Dataset, which contains the data of head movements of users performing stress inducing tasks.

Stress Assessment for Augmented Reality Applications based on Head Movement Features

Abstract: Augmented reality is one of the enabling technologies of the upcoming future. Its usage in working and learning scenarios may lead to a better quality of work and training by helping the operators during the most crucial stages of processes. Therefore, the automatic detection of stress during Augmented Reality experiences can be a valuable support to prevent consequences on people’s health and foster the spreading of this technology. In this work, we present the design of a non-invasive stress assessment approach. The proposed system is based on the analysis of the head movements of people wearing a Head Mounted Display while performing stress-inducing tasks. First, we designed a subjective experiment consisting of two stress-related tests for data acquisition. Then, a statistical analysis of head movements has been performed to determine which features are representative of the presence of stress. Finally, a stress classifier based on a combination of Support Vector Machines has been designed and trained. The proposed approach achieved promising performances thus paving the way for further studies in this research direction.

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  • Read me file with instructions
  • The Head Movement dataset (size: 36.2MB): it is composed of the data of three folders: Session1, Session2, Session3. Each folder contains the data of the users who participated to the corresponding acquisition session. Each folder session contains the folders related to the users, identified by a different ID. All the acquisition session folders contain the SSQ answers, while the Session3 folders also contains the NASA-TLX answers.

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