European Researcher’s Night 2022

AI-based emotion recognition through body language: “we know that feel bro!”

Friday 30 September, 2022 was the European Researcher’s Night at Roma Tre University! Since 2005 this event has been bringing research and researchers closer to the public, with the aim of promoting excellent research projects across Europe and beyond, increasing the interest of young people in science and research careers, and showcasing the impact of researchers’ work on people’s daily lives in fun, inspiring ways. The event is part of the #LEAF (heaL thE plAnet’s Future) project, organized by Frascati Scienza and promoted by the European Commission.

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We presented an automatic emotion recognition system based on the analysis of body language through Artificial Intelligence, to evaluate the Quality of Experience of a user. For instance, when a person is interested in something he/she stops in front of or gets closer to it. Therefore, the movements are slow or absent, the trunk is in an upright position or bent towards the object of interest, and the head may be tilted. When a person is bored, on the contrary, he/she does not stop, and performs sluggish and slow movements. Based on these behaviors we classify the emotion felt by the user.

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